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10 Best Eco Friendly Artists

Eco Art is a modern form of art where the artists through their artwork bring awareness to the local and global environmental problems. There are many artists and many takers for this art form from Diamond Jewellery store who gift Eco Art calendars to customers to corporates to an average person who likes nature in its natural way. Check out some of the work by artists here Listed below are a few eco-friendly artists who are amongst the top in the world right now.

Jeff Hong: He is an American artist who has reimagined the famous characters of Walt Disney to show the current unpleasant conditions of the environment and the impact of pollution and change in climate. He has depicted Ariel; the mermaid come out from a sea of an oil spill, Cinderella in a torn gown and walking down a dirty street, Mulan covered with a face mask to protect herself from pollution, and many more such pictures. Through these pieces of art, he is telling people about the condition of the environment in different parts of the world.

Ruth Wallen: A multimedia professional, teacher at a university and an essay writer who is now an activist who likes to bring out issues concerning the ecology. She has conducted many exhibitions of her art at national and international events. Some of the samples of her work are about frogs nearing extinction due to problems in the ecology. She has conducted NAture walks and chronicled those pictures and generated a story out of it. She has showcased those in the workshops she conducts for the youth.

Marina DeBris: She is one of the very few artists who use garbage in her work to depict to people the plight of the ocean and the beaches due to pollution. She is an active partner to NGO who work against pollution and climate change. She is the first exponent of Trashion which has become popular among the youth. Jewelry or any object that is created from the debris that is collected is termed as Trashion. She uses the trash that she receives from the marine to make those objects. She is a social activist who has shown other artists how they can help in supporting clean energy.

Aviva Rahmani: She works in collaboration with other communities like the scientists, activists, and co eco-artists. Her work is wide ranging from restoring landscapes to museums. She is also well known for ecofeminism and is currently working on women being exploited and connecting that with the environment. She also brings forth the argument of women and nature having a connection.

Diane Burko: She is a photographer and a painter with over 40 years of work experience and is known more for her landscape painting. But of late is being also recognized a photographer who has clicked images of natural ecology from an aerial view. Post-2000 she has started to look at tectonics, glacial science, and change in climate. She was awarded a grant for Fellowship in 2013 for her expedition in the Arctic.

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