Ecology Art

What Is ECO Art?

Eco Art or ecological art is an environmental art form which is contemporary and created to bring awareness to the situation of the environment locally and globally. Eco-art is a case in point for conservation through creation. One of the examples can be paintings on awareness of how destroying forests is leaving the animals homeless. It is considered as a social activism bringing to the forefront the issues in the environment using art for expressing and showing concern.

Rules of Eco-art

● Artists come up with various ways to envisage our association with nature and ways of coexistence.
● Artists interact with forces of environment and create artwork which is fueled by the forces of water, earthquakes, lighting, wind, etc.
● Artists get and re-mend the environment that is damaged and restore it back to its natural form artistically and aesthetically.
● Bring awareness to the public about the environmental problems we are facing by interpreting nature and creating artwork.

This form of art intends to enhance the relationship we humans have with the nature around us. The art is a work of collaboration with ideas from other artists, communities, etc. Some are specific to a particular location while others are temporary and as there is a change in the environment the work of art vanishes.

ECO Art Types:

Ecological art in the Community: Love and respect for nature can bring many communities together. Community art can bring unused and deserted spaces to life through their artwork. There are numerous examples of how the walls of the streets were made into a giant canvas with artists depicting the plight of animals who have lost their homes to deforestation. A discarded place was turned into a Massage center by a spa with artwork of waterfalls on the walls. All this has created awareness among other communities to write things on their walls and to add purpose to places which were not of any use to people. Through eco-art, the issues the community faces, the environment faces can all be depicted and can make a huge difference in our actions and thought process. Read to read more such community stories.

Land art: It was born way back in the 1960’s and can be thought of as the predecessor of eco-art. Though people often confuse land art to be eco-art, it is artwork made on the land.

Nature art: Popularly found in Europe, it emphasizes on the aesthetics than the binomial materials. You can also see an interconnection between eco-art and the art in nature when there is an awareness to be created.

Ecovention: This word is a combination of ecology and invention and came into the picture in late 1990’s. It was used to depict change and transformation of local environment through artwork.

Eco-art and environmental art: Though people use eco and environmental art it in conjunction, it means different. They are no definitive definition for both and hence often confused with one another. Environmental art is used to depict land art, eco art, etc. and due to this reason, they swap the two names. The distinguishing factor for environmental art is that it is a more modern form of art and is considered as the start of this era of art.

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