Achieving Sustainable Living Through These 4 Trends

Design for Recycle And Reuse

This year the most prominent trend is eco-living. In this article, we take a look at the top four trends for sustainable living.

  •   For items to be recycled properly, post-consumer packaging has to be redesigned. Manufacturers need to look at requirements such as:
  1. Separability
  2. Cleanliness
  3. Labelling
  4. Colouration

They also should fulfill each of them to make recycling easier for the consumer.

  •   Reuse is the second trend that is expanding in the current year. People are moving away from the concept of using something once and throwing it away. The consumer now wants items, products, etc. that withstand repeated use. The primary aim is to bring back the old milkman method, which means companies need to invest in processes like collection, washing, sterilization, refilling, returning, etc.

Preplace Plastic With Paper And Bioplastic

  •   Till now, we have been using fossil-fuel based plastic which, as we all know, have created the biggest climate problem. Bioplastics are an interesting eco-alternative to it because they are either compostable or biodegradable. While replacing plastic with bioplastic is a small step to reducing our plastic problem, it is not the final solution. Why? Because a bag made of bioplastic still harms marine life and increases our water footprint.
  •   The second substitute to plastic, we have found, is paper and it is making the rounds pretty heavily. Paper cups, paper straw, and paper bags are now becoming common in malls, movie theatres, shops, and eateries. While this trend is a small step to more sustainable living, again, it is neither enough nor the best. Paper reduces our carbon footprint, but it increases acidification and eutrophication, which in turn are problems of their own.

These four trends are the first crucial steps to creating a more sustainable earth, and we hope there are many more to come!

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