Experts believe that the day when climate change irrevocably changes our land is not far. We are twenty years into a new millennium, and the world is already on the verge of collapse. Through centuries of living, without thinking of the planet, we have created a world that might not last for long. These are harsh and terrifying words but true nonetheless. Among the stormy, black clouds, there is a ray of a silver lining, and it is called eco-living.

There are segments of the world who are waking up to the possibility of a better future by practicing greener living. To help these people in their aim to make the world a better place and undo the damage that has been created, we created this platform. Through the website, we hope to achieve two goals:

  1. The first is to educate people on the ways they can contribute to making a thriving and resilient planet.
  2. The second is to promote those individuals who are already working on this path and give their voices a louder volume.

To accomplish the first vision, we regularly talk about topics such as:

  • sustainable living
  • Practicing an eco-friendly lifestyle
  • Building green homes

From tips to trends, from consumer to brands, anyone can find any information related to eco-living on the website.

To realize our second goal, we publish posts on ideas and trends on Eco-Art and the artists who create them. We’ve found that the amalgamation of art and environmental issues is the best way to make the population of the world cognisant of the bleak future we face.

Our belief is that through this platform, we can perform some small part in saving the world from the doomsday that legions of scientists and researchers say is not far.