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The art world has always given us with beautiful pieces of art in the form of paintings, sculptures and what not. In the past one decade, the art arena has transformed and has started focusing on many different and new things. Elegance was the voice of the old age, and now art can be anything. Urban design, sculpture, fashion, tourism, and architecture are all in the art field today. It is more specifically referred to as environmental art. It goes beyond any rule and human convention. No art school can teach you to do it, it comes from within, and many artists have come up in this field and inspired all.

Environmental Art focuses on ecological issues or anything with the context of nature. It is a movement that has its root back in the 1960s. With increasing commercialization, the threat to our environment has been increasing and expanding every day. In the form of art, artists spread awareness and inspire people to take care of their surrounding with all the respect. There are many types of mediums that can be used to make an environmental art. Many people refer to this art form as a sustainable form of art. It challenges the contemporary art form.

If you meet a dedicated eco-artist, you will find how their work revolves around creating art that shows the effects of our mother nature. Robert Smithson is one such artist who has a profound interest in making environmental art. Artist Richard Long started using natural material to create art forms in various sites. Art forms that are made up of broken furniture refused cans and bottles, etc. One of the most famous eco-art till now is the one created in 1982 by Joseph Beuys which is called the 7000 oaks. The artist and his assistants plated a total of 7000 oak trees in a place known as Kassel. It was done to spread awareness among nearby people to work against environmental degradation.

Artists like Erwin Timmers has made all his art pieces using things like reclaimed material like glass or recycled plastic and paper. Now the renewable energy movement has also become a part of the Environmental or eco-art movement. Considering the massive threat to conventional energy resources, it is imperative to start learning more about renewable energy resources. To spread more awareness about it, artists have come up to create art pieces that focus on environment and renewable energy resources.

Most commonly made pieces for this movement include architectural pieces and sculptures in public area or schools. There are specially made sculptures that are energy generators as well as a piece of art. It informs public about renewable energy and makes them aware of the current scenario. Such sculptures got revolutionized by artists like Patrick Marole, Sarah Hall, Lauri Chetwood and Julian Scaff. Scaff uses wind turbines that are used to produce energy as well as art pieces. Carbons ink sculpture made by him is a universally acknowledged artwork.

The idea of eco-art was taken to another level when a group of activists called the Earth Pledge gathered few top class designers to create sustainable designs for clothing and other items. Top companies like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein participated and came up with an awe-inspiring fashion show called the Future Fashion Show. It gained a lot of appreciation from across the world. The Gotham Hall where the fashion was held was filled with famous people and press. It was one of a kind fashion show witnessed by people. This was just a start that was initiated by a small group of designers and activist.

The beauty of such artwork can be further enhanced if designers from all over the globe came together to take it up as a challenge. Environmental concerns are not just a single person’s problem, and it is a matter of concern for all of us. For many years environment has been a buzz workaround. However, they do not show much progress in the field of conservation of the environment. There are a few institutes that provide courses on creativity development. A person interested in eco-art can start learning from an institute like this and give the world the much-needed ideas for environment conservation.

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