Anand’s Transition From a Wedding Photographer to an Eco-friendly Photographer

From Passion to Serious Business

I started to take my passion for Photography serious after my undergraduate degree. Though I pursued Engineering, I was keen to step into photography. I used digital cameras to take pictures. It was affordable and user-friendly too.

Wedid takes professional photos



I have clicked several photos which helped me to gain recognition as a talented photographer. After gaining some experience and more insights into photography, passion turned into business and has evolved as Wedid. Now, as a professional photographer, I have certain responsibilities to save Mother Earth and protect the environment as much as possible. I have adopted certain principles to try and live as per my motto.

Avoid destruction to capture a shot: To get a perfect scene, we may attempt to do anything. For instance, if a branch is so distracting, it is common to pull off or pull completely down in such a way to get the best shot. I have seen several photographers doing this to get a perfect picture. Read more to destroy something to get a shot, then it is not worth at all.

Obey instructions: Last month, when I was traveling to Turkey, I planned to visit some of the popular ancient caves. They are the best evidence of cave wall sculpture which were developed several centuries ago. Each of the art and sculpture was amazing. It was slightly faded and to preserve the art, they were signs stating to avoid flash photography when clicking photos. However, a lot of photographers visiting the caves clicked with the flash. When questioned they easily replied that they forgot to turn off or one or two images would not hurt. If you have to break the rules and take photos, the picture is definitely not worth. Do not break the rules just because you have to take the best picture.

importance of eco friendlyGive what you take: It is the rule that has been taught to me at a very early age. When I walked into remote areas, there were no proper disposal services. If I am taking something into those remote places, I should take it out again. It includes all types of waste and rubbish mostly non-biodegradable things. One of the worst things I hate about photographers is they leave food wrappers, drink containers, used batteries and other plastic waste wherever they travel or visit. It is totally disappointing to see such junk items, especially in the coastal areas.

Leave the items you found: I have seen several photographers taking things from the places they have photographed. It is best to leave the souvenirs in the same place instead of taking it back home. The souvenirs enhance the beauty of its original place than your backyard. If all of us did the same thing, there would not be anything left to admire.

Importance of travel light and luggage for photography

Travel light: When you are doing landscape photography, you need to travel with the right gear. It does not mean carrying unnecessary gears and lighting. Most photographers tend to carry a lot of things and end up with back pain. Moreover, it can also slow your activities and find hard to preserve the things in the environment you are visiting. Some people will overload and feel difficult to safeguard the fragile items. Recently, when I was traveling, I saw my fellow photographer collapsing because of too much of items. His expensive tripod and other accessories broke due to luggage. Ensure to pack your things carefully especially on long trips.

Dont disturb animals while taking photsDo not disturb the animals: One of my colleagues was trying to picture a nesting bird. It was at a long distance at the start. I started to picture it by using a 200mm lens. The shot came out well and was satisfied. But my colleague was not satisfied and moved the nest forward. By doing it this way, he collapsed the bird’s territory and left it unattended. He started to photograph the eggs by disturbing its protecting environment, which the bird has developed. Though I am not an extreme animal rights person, I still feel that we should respect and not interfere with animals or birds for the sake of taking good pictures.

Hope you find my principles practical and sensible. I wish to be an environment-friendly photographer and encourage my fellow photographers to follow these simple principles. If you have any suggestions or follow certain principles just like me, please comment below.

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