A List Of Eco-Friendly Cars In India

Eco friendly cars controls the pollution

With the rising fuel prices and increase in the pollution rates, there is an increase in the manufacture of eco-friendly cars. These cars are said to consume less energy or make use of alternative energy for its functioning. Several eco-friendly cars hit the automobile market in recent years. People who wish to reduce the carbon footprint and protect their environment invest in eco-friendly cars available in the market. The availability of hybrid cars in the market is the first step towards a green environment.  Electric cars are becoming popular in recent years as there is an increase in fuel prices. These cars are charged with charging units. Thus there would be zero emissions with electric cars. Purchasing electric cars is quite expensive, but it is worth buying it as you spend less on fuel.

The following article is conceived a popular showroom of Hyundai cars that care for the environment. Here you would find the list of eco-friendly cars available in the market.

Importance Of Eco-Friendly Cars

Eco friendly car is used to control the pollutionCar pollution is one of the major threats in popular cities like Delhi, Chennai, and Bangalore, etc. It results in global warming. The effects of global warming seem to be dangerous. Thus it is essential that you make use of cars that are eco-friendly and do not emit harmful gases. The pollution caused by ordinary automobile can affect the health of people causing several deadly diseases. Respiratory problems like asthma and wheezing are prevalent due to heavy pollution in the environment.


If you wish to take an active part in protecting the environment, then you can invest in any of the following eco-friendly cars. These cars do not emit harmful gases, and they make use of less fuel than other vehicles. Government is taking serious actions to reduce the use of fossil fuels and thus to protect the environment.

Maruti Suzuki Eco Charge: This is a hybrid car that comes with two engines. One is a petrol engine, and the other is an electric motor. Thus the car offers better mileage and also less emission. The petrol engine is of 1196 CC power, and the electric motor is about 5KW. The electric motor can be charged in seven hours, and it performs the same as the other regular cars in the market.

Mahindra e20 Plus: This is the improved version of the model Reva introduced by Mahindra and Mahindra in the year 2013.  It is a compact electric vehicle which can perform with a range of 140km. This vehicle does not emit harmful gases and is highly fuel efficient.

Toyota discovered the eco friendly car

Toyota Yaris Hybrid: This vehicle is known for its fuel economy and is suitable for long journeys. This hybrid type of vehicle is becoming popular as you can reduce fuel consumption as it comes with two engines. It is one of the affordable hybrid cars available in the market.

Toyota Prius Z4: This car is known for its fuel efficiency and low emission rates. It is a hybrid system and thus eco-friendly in all possible ways.

Hyundai introduces the eco friendly car to control the vehicle pollution

Hyundai  i10 Electric: Hyundai company has come up with electric cars in the automobile market. This electric car Hyundai i10 electric was introduced in the auto expo organized in New Delhi. It works with a rechargeable battery and an electric motor. When charged completely it can run for 150 Km non-stop.

Reva NXG: This is the first ever electric car that hit the Indian automobile market. This car comes with an eco-friendly engine and exhibits higher performance.

Tata Nano Electric: Tata Company has come up with a compact electric car which is an affordable electric car available in the market. The battery of this car lasts for nearly 160 km.

The above are some of the popular eco-friendly cars available in the market that you can purchase when you wish to protect the environment from harmful pollution. You can understand the importance of eco-friendly cars from the above article. Know about the hybrid cars for the environment.

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