Top Sustainable Architecture Firms In India

famous architect company in Chennai which builds green buliding

It is a need of the hour that you build sustainable buildings so that you can make the world a better place to live in. It is the responsibility of the people to reduce the carbon footprint and come up with eco-friendly ideas when constructing big buildings. Architects and architectural firms are practicing sustainable architectural design in recent years. You can find architects in Chennai practicing sustainable architectural design buildings. There is a great demand for firms practicing sustainable architectural design as there is a demand for renewable resources. The following article lists some of the leading sustainable architecture firms in India.

Need Of Sustainable Architecture

Before knowing about the companies that excel in sustainable architecture, you must have a clear understanding of why it is required. This is because construction of buildings makes use of energy and also there are of constructional wastes left out without any use. The modern construction methods create a significant impact on the surrounding environment. Thus it is a great threat to people. Architects must be highly responsible in this regard. It is essential that they come up with some sustainable and cost-effective design strategies.

Importance of sustainable architecture for eco friendly

Sustainable architecture mainly aims to reduce the carbon footprint when constructing buildings. Sustainable design does not impact the environment as it makes use of eco-friendly materials for construction. Thus today architectural firms have come up with some recent design ideas that are cost-effective, energy efficient, sustainable, less waste, etc. Architects try to make use of renewable energy resources so that they do not deplete the natural resources that are available in scarce.


Dwellion is architecture firms in chennai which builds green buliding

It is a famous architect company in Chennai where sustainable architectural design projects are given more importance. Dwellion has won several awards for its architectural excellence and designs that are highly sustainable and eco-friendly. They are pioneers in designing buildings that meet world-class standards. They take complete control of your building from planning to construction. You can trust Dwellion as they would deliver the design on time.

Ashok B Lall Architects

Designed educational research institute based on sustainable architecture

This architectural firm was established in the year 1981. This firm has undertaken projects for designing educational research institutes. The firm mainly designs buildings based on low energy sustainable architecture. The company also works in the development of a curriculum of architectural studies concerning sustainable buildings. The architects of the firm come up with national journal every year so that they educate others about sustainable architecture and its importance.


Studio for Habitat Futures is a leading architect firm that was established by Sanjay Prakash. The firm works with futuristic goals and thus comes with a design based on zero waste and sustainable construction. The architects of ShiFt are keen on undertaking architectural design projects that are regenerative and efficient. The eco-friendly design, energy efficient building has made this firm top the list of sustainable architecture firms. The architects, engineers, project manager of ShiFt are highly innovative in their work.

Footprints Earth

It is a professional architectural firm practicing cost-effective and highly sustainable design principles in most of their projects. They are known for innovative techniques in constructing sustainable buildings. They practice alternative technology so that they come up with an eco-friendly design. Footprints Earth take into consideration cultural significance, sustainability, affordability, and other factors. This firm is headed by Yatin Pandya, a popular architect who has published several Indian and International journals on architecture. His books on ancient architectural principles are popular even today.

Eugene Pandala

Techniques for design and construction of green buildings

This architectural firm at Kollam is widely known all over the country. Pandala completed his masters in New Delhi and did his fellowship at the University of York U.K. He established a school of architecture in Kollam, and he performed his research on the traditional technologies used in constructing buildings. He was inspired on mud construction and thus built his house at Kollam using mud. The firm thus followed various conventional techniques for the design and construction of buildings. The firm undertakes projects based on traditional design and construction. It is true that traditional architectural design where highly sustainable and eco-friendly.

The above are some of the top architectural firms practicing sustainable architectural design in India. Read about the importance of Sustainable architecture

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