Eco Trends in Transportation and Clothing

Eco-friendly changes in transportation

It is well known that carbon emissions released from vehicles remain as the major foundation of greenhouse gases inflowing the atmosphere. It is also a major contributing issue for global warming. It is the reason more and more people are switching to fully electric and hybrid cars. 

Tsung Ying Hsieh and Hsuan Ting Huang developed a breathable wall to trap and mesh carbon emissions. Such breathable barriers can be placed along the highways. It consists of green moss that certainly attracts and sieves carbon dioxide and various other contaminants. It reduces pollution to nearby areas and adds nature touch to city highways. 

Unagi Scooter

If you want to commute without using automobiles, then electric scooters are the best option for people in the city. Segway Ninebot Electric Kick ScooterUnagi Scooter is the best example where it can travel more than 15 miles by charging single time and manage a speed of more than 15 mph.  It is present in both the twin-engine and single-engine models. The dual engine feature is beneficial for traveling in inclines of about 15 degrees. 

Eco-friendly changes in clothing

In recent years, several newcomers and popular fashion brands are creating innovative and new clothing trends for consumers who are eco-conscious. Recently, North Face has developed Thermoball Eco segment of jackets and coats. Their new technology utilizes synthetic fibers to grip heat. It is almost like natural insulate materials.  

Fashion is also becoming eco-friendly through sharing present clothes. It has been estimated that old clothing or used clothing of about 26 billion pounds are transferred to landfills every year. The majority of these clothing are mostly usable. There are several websites that collect used or old clothes and transfer to people who are in real need. It will also be transferred to people who are searching for cheap wardrobe staples.  

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