Using Eco-Art To Save The Birds Of Chilika

The Numerous Controversies Of Chilika

T The largest brackish water lagoon in Asia is located in Odisha and is known by the name Chilika. For years, the tranquil lagoon inspired creators, poets, and artists. Lately, the lagoon has been embroiled in many controversies that range from ecological to social. One of them is the poaching of rare birds.

When winter comes, Chilika becomes the shelter for thousands upon thousands of birds that migrate here for 5 to 6 months. These birds are killed by poachers because their meat is in high demand with locals as well as tourists who flock the area. Furthermore, some of the birds are of rare species which are already in a top request by collectors and others.

How Eco-Art Is Bringing The Issue To The Fore Front

Pinaki Ranjan Mohanty is a painter and ceramic painter who is creating awareness on the poaching issue through a series of work. Inclusive of sculptures and paintings, the core of his eco-art is “Ramp of Sacrifice.” It is a forty feet high ramp that holds tiny models of flamingos. The ramp itself is held above the ground using four hands made of ceramic.

Through the eco-art, Pinaki wants to bring attention to the fact that poachers are now killing rare birds not just for monetary reasons but leisure and fun too! His other works include:

  •   Mourning Chilika: A Witness through which he urges individuals to protect the migrating birds
  •   Save the Soul is about stopping poaching and it utilises feathers and ceramic in white and grey colours.

The singular objective of the artist is to bring about conversations on the many issues Chilika faces such as poaching, limitless prawn farming, increased silt load, etc. and not merely its beauty.

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