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Crafts Made from Recycled Detergent Box

Here is my Latest project. I recycled a small Sun Laundry Detergent Box and made a box for my cards. The first thing I did was cut the top to make an opening for the box. The next thing I did was paint the interior of the box white with acrylic paint by Folk Art. While I tried to be precise and exact, it was still very hard to cover the box and not have any of it show. For this reason, I distressed the exterior edges to expose the cardboard. Then I dabbed white paint on the edges. I did not want any of the yellow designs to show through on the edges. I forgot to take a picture of the box before I started the project. I found this picture on walmart website. This is a picture of the same box I recycled. I fashioned a new fold over top for the box that allows me access to my cards and keeps out dust and little critters like spiders and ants. I cut a long rectangle and rounded off one of the ends for a decorative touch. Later on, I covered the entire piece with scrapbook paper. The paper on the front and back of the box has a writing design on it. I chose this because it represents the theme of the box. I used to just throw these boxes away. Now I see that I can use them for other things. In the past, I would just go out and buy a small plastic container for my cards.

This is a more environmentally friendly option. To decorate the box, I added three handmade peach rolled paper roses to the front flap. The roses really matched the peach paper very well. To add excitement and contrast, I used a blue-green printed paper to add leaves to two of the roses. I also used that color in other places on the project. Blue-green and peach are opposites on the color wheel. I used beige and peach for the main color scheme. I always needed a box for my cards, but now I have one. I can store my cards in this box and keep them dust free until I need to send one out. This project can also be used to make boxes to store pictures, scrapbooks, journals, and other items. The next time you are ready to throw out that soap powder box consider recycling and make something new! I’m using this recycled soap powder box to store my cards. Whenever I need to mail a card, I can just open the box. I think I will put my stamps in there as well. Here is the back of the box. Related Articles: Sanitary Napkin DispenserRecycled Crafts – Tree of Good FruitsWhy Recycle?

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