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I own an art business and am looking to network with other artists. What is the best way to market my business? Public Comments2 pts.Ok, I have a website for instance, then my hosting company put it on the search engines. Then do some e-business, make links in other websites, and finally pay for a banner or ad somewhere else, specially a newspaper. I have sold a lot!hey hook me up w/ a job! im probably the best artist around! but -_- telling you all this isnt saying much. i’ll be a famous artist someday….setup posters saying any artists out there, call this number or email me at eventually, someone will call. or, put advertisement on the Internet saying artists neededYou would need to find out where the local artist in your city congregate. There is usually a school, nightspot or some other eccentric place where artist like to mingle this would be a good place to be seen also look for magazine, newspapers and periodicals that advertise the theatrical events in your city; artist read these magazines far more than the standard newspaper. Once you find the periodical that is most read by artist you will want to place and ad in that periodical and wait for the calls to come rolling in. Good luck.

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