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Follow These Trends To Build A Better Planet

Eco-Living Through Better Packaging

As consumers, we rarely realize the amount of packaging we throw away in just one month, forget about a year or a lifetime. From shampoo bottles to hand washes to toothpaste boxes, the number of items that come packaged is endless. It is why one of the latest trends in sustainable living is reducing or completely removing the packaging of any form.

It started with companies promoting bulk buying by offering discounts to decrease the environmental impact of packaging. Now it has come to eliminating it altogether. The most prominent example is a European nation that sells toothpaste directly in tubes without any cardboard boxes! It is a single step that can impact the planet immensely.

Engage Customer And Increase Recycled Content

Creating laws and regulations that demand from corporations and manufacturers to recycle their packaging or content is only one step. The second is actually to utilise that recycled material. This can be done by increasing the amount of recycled content in packaging. In the UK, firms are working to ensure that recycled items can be employed for the same purpose they were initially made for. By working on this, they are indeed bringing the meaning of circularity to life!

No matter how much effort governments, brands, institutes, etc. put, the final straw to creating a more environmentally friendly home is the customer. When the consumer is not involved in the trends of sustainable living, nothing works. Therefore, brands and businesses need to find ways to educate their buyers. Tell them tips, tricks, and rules of making a positive impact on the world. Once the customer is engaged and aware of the steps they need to take, a collective is built that fosters sustainability and a better world.

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