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A Few Popular Eco-Art Installations Around The World

Taking A Peak At Famous Eco-Arts

  • The Waving Wall by Bloo Nation is about the massive water footprint that rises out of creating items for daily use such as jeans, coffee, and paper. It highlights the water crisis we are facing.
  • The Ice Typography is about the relationship of humans with the environment. Created by artist Nicole Dextras, it consists of 3D words made with ice simply meant to gain the attention of people for a fleeting moment. As the frozen words absorbed light, they heat and melt away, leaving not even a single trace.
  • Soup is created by Mandy Barker, a photographer who wishes to bring focus to the mountains of plastic that has accumulated in our oceans. The series of images imitate a portion of The North Pacific Ocean where the discarded debris has gathered to such an extent that it is called The Garbage Patch.

Seeing The World Through Eco-Art Of These Artists

  • Frozen Trees was created by Like Designers using tons of plastic bag dispensers found in IKEA. These dispensers were transformed into thirty street lights by employing LED lights and then installing them in a plaza in Lisbon.
  • The Pothole Gardener or Steve Wheen is a British artist who transforms potholes found on the roads of London into small-sized serene outdoor panoramas. As per the designer, the eco-art is not about bringing awareness of issues but creating a little bit of greenery in the midst of a concrete jungle. Surprisingly, the art has brought about conversations on the environment which the artist now promotes.
  • Field Of Light by Bruce Munro utilising low-energy fibre optics and LEDs to create landscapes in gardens that glow at night. The sparkling light gardens are the artist’s way to motivate everyday people to cherish the environment more.

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