I have been fascinated by photography even since I can remember. As I grew up I learnt more about the intricacies involved in creating the perfect shot. I trained under the best experts all over the world. On my travels, I was faced with the sad face of the environment, and the equally sad part was that people had no idea how their actions were impacting the planet in negative ways. This was when I decided to use my photograph skills to bring forth images to the world. I capture photographs of wildlife and nature in all their glory to remind people of the beauty in the world and help protect it.

Eco photography is slightly different from the other commonly path of photography. This particular path consists of taking photographs of nature at its best and worst. It also includes taking pictures of sustainable projects that can help reduce the negative impact of humans on the planet. With more and more people being aware of sustainable projects around the world, it opens up different vistas to try them out in their own backyard. A perfect example of this would be the recent introduction of solar panels at an airport tucked away in South India which is used to power the whole airport. This can be implemented on a small scale in residential homes with solar panels used to power basic devices like water heaters, garden lights, etc.

I have recently started using drones to capture photographs as well. These images represent the stark reality of the water drought in several places around the world. These photographs seem to be able to strike a chord with the public as they see how the earth is changing over the years. The number of trees is reducing, and cities keep getting larger. If I can get even one person to reduce their usage of running water with my images, I would consider my life’s work done. People who are living in the urban are often far from reality and do not realize how much the people in the rural areas are going through. They fail to realize that troubles like water scarcity, running out of other natural resources, etc. affects the entire human population in the long run.

We, as the entire human race, need to take advantage of the replenishable energy sources available to us and use it in the best way possible. This is the only way to ensure that our natural resources last for a long time to come. I try to get more people interested in this interesting field by taking classes at the local community center as well as conducting seminars at high schools. This can be an interesting career path if you are in touch with nature and are looking to find a way to bring its destruction to the people’s notice using beautiful and powerful images. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. What better way is there to make people notice the destruction happening around them?

I have professionally trained in photography in College. I use the techniques and methods learnt during this period to capture images that evoke an emotion in people. I have had several art showings in and around the city, which have attracted people from all walks of life. If you are interested in eco photography, drop me a line. We can share a cup of coffee and trade industry secrets!